Movie Sequels: The top five of all time (so far)



With the release May 17  for  ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’, I got to thinking about movie sequels and which ones really are worth watching.

The list below is partial, but is exclusive to films where the sequel was a better film than the original.

Films that didn’t quite make the cut were ‘Superman II’, ‘Silence of the Lambs’, and ‘Magnum Force’.

Click on any of the top five’s titles to view their respective trailers. Your thoughts on this list are welcomed and encouraged. Which film do you think belongs on this list…and why?  Continue reading

Movie Review: 'Skyfall' is Craig's best Bond yet

‘Skyfall’ starring Daniel Craig in his third outing as Ian Fleming’s iconic James Bond, is the best Bond film in years. It delivered on what I’ve come to expect in a Bond film. Elaborate action set pieces, exotic locations, beautiful women, and the James Bond swagger are all present. Continue reading