Movie News: Zack Snyder rumored to direct 'Star Wars' sequel

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to become a film producer? Okay, now what if you could help fund a documentary that tells the story of how a pop culture icon, namely Batman, has positively affected people to overcome personal obstacles both great and small? And that the profits of the film, once completed, would be donated to charitable organizations?

Producer/director of ‘Legends of the Knight,’ Brett Culp has (via a partnership with Kickstarter) offered to do exactly that. If you’re moved by the video, or have just always dreamed of becoming a movie producer; now is a chance to do that. Contributions can be made for as little as $1.00 via

Who would have guessed that a comic book icon would have such positive effects upon people’s lives?

Speaking of superheroes; Warner Brothers has begun special preview screenings of director Zack Snyder’s ‘Man of Steel,’ his Superman reboot which is set to hit theaters nationwide on June 14th.

‘Man of Steel’ combines the directing talents of Zack Snyder (300, Watchmen) with the writing and producing talents of David S. Goyer and Christopher Nolan, respectively. Goyer was the screenwriter behind director Christopher Nolan’s recently completed Batman Trilogy (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises.)

According to multiple online sources and originally reported by JoBlo, the film is exactly what fans might expect from the combination of talent involved with the film. ‘Batman’ director Nolan’s more dramatic and darker tone (as a producer) influencing the visual style of Zack Snyder, who first burst onto my film nerd radar with his remake of ‘Dawn of the Dead’ in 2004.

Snyder is also rumored to be quietly developing a standalone spinoff film for the recently resurrected ‘Star Wars’ universe. Reports have leaked that Snyder’s ‘Star Wars’ film would take place independently of the established storylines and would focus on a group of Jedi Knights involved in a ‘Seven Samurai’-inspired tale. That sounds like a fun movie!

Since we’re kind of on a superhero roll here with movie news today…

Multiple sources, including The Hollywood Reporter and ScreenRant have broken the news that actor Chris Cooper has signed on to play Norman Osborne, the billionaire madman who eventually becomes The Green Goblin. Variety reports that although Cooper has been signed to play Osborne, there has not been any confirmation from Sony Pictures/Columbia Pictures camps as to whether or not Osborne’s alter-ego The Green Goblin will appear in the upcoming film ‘The Amazing Spider Man 2.’

Cooper is a well known character actor who won an Academy Award in his supporting role for the film ‘Adaptation’ in 2003, and is familiar with movie goers from his roles in films such as ‘American Beauty’, ‘The Town’, and as an adversary to  Matt Damon’s Jason Bourne character in  ‘The Bourne Identity.’


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