Movie News 4.14.13: 'Oblivion' a winner, 'Elysium' trailer, 'Evil Dead' franchise milestone

Tom Cruise’s sci-fi actioner ‘Oblivion’ had a big opening weekend in international markets.

Joseph Kosinski (Tron:Legacy) directs Morgan Freeman and Tom Cruise in just his second stint as director on a feature film. Whereas Kosinski received from critics and fans alike, some criticism for his lack of storytelling cohesion for ‘Tron:Legacy,’ he also garnered resounding praise for his innovative and energetic visual style.

Cruise leads the film as a drone repairman stationed on a desolated planet Earth who inadvertently may be mankind’s last hope for survival.

$61.1 million (as reported by The Wrap) in opening sales overseas does not guarantee that the film will be a blockbuster hit domestically, but the strong debut would indicate that the initial buzz for the film’s release is solid amongst fans of both Cruise and the sci-fi genre.

‘Oblivion’ will make its U.S. debut on April 19.

‘42’ hits one out of the park by exceeding expectations and winning the weekend box office domestically. Based on the life of former baseball player Jackie Robinson, the film stars Harrison Ford, Chadwick Boseman, and was directed by Brian Helgeland (writer of L.A. Confidential, Mystic River.)

CinemaScore figures rate ‘42’ as an ‘A+’ based on audience feedback after seeing the new sports biopic. The $27 million opening weekend eclipses the previous best opening for a baseball movie, which was the 2006 comedy ‘Benchwarmers’ at $19.6 million dollars.

‘Evil Dead’ has set a record for the franchise in just its second week of release. The film has grossed $41 million cumulatively, which exceeds the domestic gross figures for the first three films combined. ‘The Evil Dead,’ ‘Evil Dead 2 ’and ‘Army of Darkness’ combined to gross $20 million at the box office during their initial theatrical releases.

‘Elysium’ already clicks with millions of fans. The Matt Damon action movie has garnered more than 2,000,000 hits online to view the recently released trailer. ‘Elysium’ is director Neil Blomkamp’s first film since his breakout directorial effort ‘District 9’ struck a chord with movie fans in 2009.

Like ‘District 9,’ Blomkamp’s second feature film appears to combine elements of current social issues within the science fiction framework of the story. The film also stars Jodie Foster and Sharlto Copley (District 9) as antagonists for Damon’s character, ‘Max,’ who takes on a life or death mission that may restore balance to the oppressive class system on Earth in the year 2154.

‘Elysium’ hits theaters on August 9.

‘Elysium’ trailer

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