Movie News 4.16.13: Message from 'Zod' and Jamie Foxx as 'Electro'

‘Man of Steel’ is easily one of this summer’s most highly anticipated releases and the viral marketing campaign is slowly heating up for Zack Snyder’s vision of Superman.

Michael Shannon (terrific in ‘Take Shelter’) takes his turn as the villainous General Zod, who many fans will remember was first played on screen by actor Terence Stamp in ‘Superman II.’

In a message (click to play Zod’s message) to Earthly authorities, Zod demands the surrender of our Kryptonian hero Kal-El or we will suffer the consequences for harboring this fugitive.  The message may explain to fans why Superman (Henry Cavill) appears bound by handcuffs in some of the previously-released promotional materials for the film.

This incarnation of the Superman saga is noteworthy also for which characters won’t be making an appearance. Neither Lex Luthor nor Jimmy Olsen is included in Snyder’s film.

‘Man of Steel’ will open nationwide on June 14.

‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ has been filming in Times Square and Jamie Foxx’s electricity-controlling baddie ‘Electro’ has made his first appearance for fans and photographers.

Yahoo! images gallery of Jamie Foxx as ‘Electro’

Foxx portrays Maxwell Dillon, also known as ‘Electro,’ who has gained the ability to harness the power of electricity after being struck by lightning.  Foxx joins the returning cast principals of Andrew Garfield (Peter Parker/Spider-Man), Emma Stone (Gwen Stacy), and Sally Field (Aunt May).

Notable additions to the sequel also include Chris Cooper as Norman Osborne/Green Goblin and Paul Giamatti as Aleksei Sytsevich/Rhino.

‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ is tentatively scheduled for a May 2, 2014 release date.

In case you missed the MTV Movie Awards, the show premiered the trailer for the upcoming ‘Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ which is scheduled for release on November 22.

Based on the second novel in the ‘Hunger Games’ series of young adult novels, heroes Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) and Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) are put back into the arena for the Quarter Quell, the most dangerous of the Hunger Games.

‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ trailer

Director Francis Lawrence (‘I Am Legend’) takes over the helm from Gary Ross who directed ‘The Hunger Games.’

Upon its release in 2012, the first feature film installment of ‘The Hunger Games’ broke the single-day ticket sales record previously held by ‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.’

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