Movie News 4.22.13: Tom Cruise's 'Oblivion' his biggest opening since 'MI:3'

‘Oblivion’ is Tom Cruise’s biggest film opening in seven years.

The new sci-fi film took in an impressive $38.1 million in domestic ticket sales in its opening weekend, making ‘Oblivion’ Cruise’s biggest opening since 2006 and the release of ‘Mission: Impossible III.’

CinemaScore audiences gave the film a “B-” overall. CinemaScore arrives at a film grade based on polling exiting audience members who are asked to answer six questions about the film including: an A to F grade, rental and purchase interest, reasons for attending the movie itself, and providing demographic data.

‘Oblivion’ benefited from savvy scheduling and an early release date that gives it a solid two weeks as the first major summer release prior to the arrival of ‘Iron Man 3’ on May 3.

Cruise appears to still be a large reason for movie fans to get out to theaters, as Universal indicated (source: Box Office Mojo) that exit polling of audiences revealed Tom Cruise was the number one reason that audiences purchased tickets.

The estimated weekend totals for ‘Oblivion’ easily exceeded Cruise’s previous two film release openings. ‘Jack Reacher’ opened to just over $15 million in December 2012 and ‘Rock of Ages’ opening weekend brought in $14.4 million in June of last year.

With ‘All You Need Is Kill’ and a remake of ‘The Magnificent Seven’ still on the horizon for Cruise fans, it seems like the actor has poised himself to continue to deliver the action goods for the foreseeable future.

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