Movie News: Will Smith in 'Wild Bunch', 'Riddick' full trailer goes online




Will Smith is negotiating a deal with Warner Bros. to star in and produce an update of the classic western ‘The Wild Bunch.’ The possible deal was announced on May 15, although negotiations are still underway.

The film would be co-produced by Smith’s company Overbrook films and with Jerry Weintraub who worked with Smith on the update of ‘The Karate Kid’ starring Jaden Smith, Will’s son.

The original film starred William Holden as the leader of a group of aging outlaws in 1913 looking to make one final score before retiring. ‘The Wild Bunch’ was directed by Sam Peckinpah and released in 1969 by Warner Bros.

‘The Wild Bunch’ was notable as one of the films that first pushed the envelope of on screen violence and has come to be considered a classic of the modern western.

If you are a fan of Clint Eastwood’s ‘Unforgiven’ I would recommend the original version while waiting for Smith’s update, as without Peckinpah’s film movies like ‘Unforgiven’ might never have been made.

For more details on the Will Smith ‘Wild Bunch’ story click here.


‘Riddick’ starring Vin Diesel releases the first full movie trailer.

The full trailer for ‘Riddick’ is now online. The film features Vin Diesel in the titular role, which he originated in ‘Pitch Black’ for director David Twohy back in 2000.



The sci-fi action film ‘Pitch Black’ was a surprise success for Diesel, spawning the less successful ‘The Chronicles of Riddick’ in 2004 as its sequel. ‘Chronicles’ didn’t fare as well as expected at the box office but the two films have created enough of a fan base to warrant the third film in the trilogy.

‘Pitch Black’ proved that Diesel was a bankable action star and the character of ‘Richard B. Riddick,’ a formerly convicted criminal turned unlikely hero in the first film, has proven to be a favorite of  Diesel’s. Vin Diesel (the Fast and Furious franchise films) has been instrumental in getting the second and third chapters in the franchise brought to life.

The newest installment, ‘Riddick’ concerns the outlaw having been left for dead on a seemingly lifeless planet. He finds the planet not so desolate, after-all, as a horde of lethal alien predators attempt to turn ‘Riddick’ into their prey.

His only way off the planet is to activate an emergency beacon which will alert bounty hunters seeking to cash in on the price on his head to his whereabouts.

The new film appears more similar in tone and story structure to the original film in the series, ‘Pitch Black.’ That and the addition of Katee Sackhoff (Starbuck on TV’s Battlestar Galactica) to the cast are pluses, as is the return of director David Twohy.

‘Riddick’ is scheduled to be released in theaters and in IMAX on September 6.





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