Flixnerd: Why it's Movie Nerdvana



Flixnerd is proud to announce that we now have Amazon.com, iTunes, and Fandango as part of our movie website.

The reasons were simple. The goal of Flixnerd is to be your first and final destination for movie reviews, movie trailers, and breaking news.

How can Flixnerd improve that experience?

By offering easy, one-click access to the businesses that would offer you movie-related products and services.

Are you trying to  find out what movies are playing near you? And purchase tickets?

I’ve got you covered with Fandango.

Reading a movie review and remembered how much you love the music from a Tarantino film?

Click on the iTunes banner and rent ‘Reservoir Dogs’ or download the soundtrack. (No, really. Get it. It’s awesome!)

Looking to purchase ‘Looper’ on DVD or Blu-ray because it’s the best sci-fi action film in a long time?

Bam! Amazon has you covered.

Flixnerd was inspired by something very simple. A love for movies.

We will evolve along with your needs and interests. Send us a message and offer suggestions on how we can improve.

Bookmark our site and visit us often. Subscribe to Flixnerd and you’ll receive breaking news (Nerd Alerts) and reviews about movies as they are published.

Flixnerd is movie Nerdvana!

Reviews, news, and links to the sites that will indulge your inner movie nerd.

(Yes, I’m having a ‘Jerry Maguire’ moment.)

With Flixnerd, I’m chasing a dream.





Who’s coming with me?




Michael Foster

Head Nerd- Flixnerd.com


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