Weekend Movie Preview


photo©Sony Classics

‘Before Midnight’ starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy opens May 24 in limited release. Look for the film to be released in more markets slowly over the coming weeks.

The third film in the series from director Richard Linklater has earned solid early reviews and is probably the best film trilogy you haven’t seen.

No explosions or special effects, here.

Linklater has crafted a fascinating, romantic, and sometimes painfully honest portrait of two people in love.

As the two earlier films in the series, ‘Before Sunrise’ and ‘Before Sunset’ have shown us, Linklater and his stars have done a masterful job of displaying the nuances and challenges that love often brings with it.

(iTunes button will direct you to ‘Before Sunrise’)
(iTunes button will direct you to ‘Before Sunset’)

If you want to find a film that’s something other than aging frat boys and hyped-up hot rods this weekend, ‘Before Midnight’ is your weekend movie pick. If it isn’t playing yet near you, the links above will get you caught up on this intimate story before it arrives in your local theater.

photo copyright:Sony Classics

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