Flixnerd is Mobile and Optimized for Smartphones

Flixnerd is mobile and optimized for smartphones to make your experience faster for your mobile devices. Now when you visit us, the mobile browser in your phone will automatically take you to our mobile “landing page” which is streamlined for mobile devices.

Simple text links will provide you with access to our freshest Nerdtastic reviews and breaking news.

Article links are in blue. The green links are exclusive offers through our Advertising Partners that offer awesome deals and discounts for music, movies, and movie tickets just for you. Flixnerd does not add any charges, but simply receives a small commission for purchases that you make.

Our home page at www.flixnerd.com has not changed. When you visit us from your desktop PC or Mac, our home page will appear normally. There is also an option at the bottom of each Flixnerd post to easily switch over to our full site.

All of the articles and reviews on Flixnerd are easily navigated to, but our new mobile page will load faster when visited while you’re “on the go.”

We’ve also added some easy to use navigation headers on our site’s home page to make it easier for you to find the reviews, news, and content that you’re looking for.

Like us on our Official Flixnerd Facebook and subscribe with your email address with our subscription tool to receive news and reviews instantly. We will never spam nor sell your email info.

Flixnerd is the movie site where you help shape the content. If there is a specific genre or movie that you want to read more about just send us a comment in our comments section on the website or through Facebook.

We will continue to improve and to constantly upgrade the site to feature stories that interest you, and to seek out the best deals that our Advertising Partners like Amazon, iTunes, Fandango, and Warner Bros. have to offer.

Why? Because Flixnerd is the movie site that loves you. (Was that awkward?)

Forget awkward! We appreciate our readers and love you almost as much as you love movies.




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