New 'Man of Steel' featurette

A new ‘Man of Steel’ featurette offers fans an extended look at this Summer’s most highly anticipated movie.

The thirteen minute clip shares images, interviews with cast and crew, along with more details shining light on what fans can expect to see on June 14.

The video is spreading virally amongst fans since hitting the web on June 2.

Featured on numerous websites, the clip is absent from the video archives on its official website

For those of you not yet familiar with the basics, here’s a quick synopsis of the Superman story.

Kal-El is sent away from his dying home planet of Krypton to planet Earth, in an attempt to save his life, by his parents. Upon crash landing his escape pod here on Earth, Kal-El is discovered by Jonathan and Martha Kent.

As Kal-El grows up, his adoptive Earth parents realize that the alien son that they call “Clark” possesses extraordinary physical powers. The Kents imbue Clark with a strong moral compass and encourage him to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

Clark ultimately leaves his parents’ farm and moves to Metropolis, taking a job as a journalist with The Daily Planet. There he leads a double life. Mild mannered Clark Kent by day, Superman when the people of Metropolis need a protector.


‘Man of Steel’ takes flight on June 14.






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