'The Purge' off to a strong start at box office

‘The Purge’ off to a strong start at the box office according to movie studio Universal.

In late night showings Thursday, June 6, ‘The Purge’ reportedly sold over $3 million in tickets which is roughly the equivalent of its budget for production.

While the reviews have been mixed so far for the futuristic thriller, estimates by Box Office Mojo and other prognosticators predict that the new movie will not only beat out ‘The Internship’ but could topple current box office champ ‘Fast and Furious 6’ as well this weekend.

Horror and suspense movies typically have strong opening weekends, and the trailer  presents the film as something of a hybrid of both.

In the film Ethan Hawke and Lena Headey (Game of Thrones) star as a family who insulate themselves from the annual sanctioned mayhem and murder the one day each year where crime is legal. But, when they take mercy upon a stranger in need, their fortified home becomes the target of some very angry vigilantes.

Film studio Universal should be pleased if either of their two films should claim the box office crown this weekend. ‘Fast and Furious 6’ is also a Universal Picture, and it’s possible that the studio could land a coveted one-two punch with two films in the top two box office spots.

Jason Blum, who produced ‘The Purge’ has made a name for himself starting with ‘Paranormal Activity,’ in producing movies on a shoestring budget. The smaller budget films like ‘Paranormal Activity’ and ‘The Purge’ are enormously profitable if they “click” with audiences.

So, how do studios and producers lure name-brand actors like Ethan Hawke and while maintaining their micro-budgeted films?


When actors defer their regular pay scale for a piece of the overall profits, it is often referred to a working for “points.” If the film is successful, everybody wins.

With indie director Richard Linklater’s ‘Before Midnight’ in limited release in addition to the great expectations for ‘The Purge,’ it appears as if chameleonic actor Hawke has his artistic bases well covered.

‘Before Midnight’ is still in limited release, but I’ve got some “at home” options for you also that should fit in well with either of Hawke’s two new movies.

Similar recommended thrillers:

‘The Strangers’
‘Funny Games’

The first two chapters in the ‘Sunrise’ trilogy:

‘Before Sunrise’
‘Before Sunset’


*My recommended films are all available on iTunes by clicking on their respective titles. iTunes is an advertising partner for Flixnerd. There is no charge added to their service by Flixnerd.




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