'World War Z' sequel

A ‘World War Z’ sequel is in development at Paramount. The news comes on June 23, after the zombie action film surprised both critics and prognosticators with $66 million in North American ticket sales.

With an estimated $111 million dollars in gross sales globally in its opening weekend, Paramount Studio vice chairman Rob Moore says that the studio will actively turn to developing a sequel. (Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

Brad Pitt not only stars in ‘World War Z,’ but co-produced the film under his company Plan B. Pitt actively promoted the film, often appearing at premieres to introduce the film to early audiences.

A ‘World War Z’ sequel comes as no surprise, since the film version of Max Brooks’ novel was originally envisioned as a trilogy or franchise property. After production issues, scenes needing to be re-shot, and budget overruns the film was labeled early on as a bust by some industry insiders.

In an article published by The Atlantic Wire April 30, the headline ‘World War Z is Beginning to Look a Lot Like Ishtar‘ documented the movie’s failing at the box office two months prior to opening in theaters. ‘World War Z had it all…but it seems to gave gone so very wrong.”

As it turned out, critics and movie-goers alike have turned ‘World War Z’ into Brad Pitt’s biggest opening weekend ever.

A ‘World War Z’ sequel will be a topic nearly as interesting as the production difficulties for the current film have been.

Will Brad Pitt return as Gerry Lane, the U.N. investigator and family man trying to solve the zombie pandemic? Will director Marc Forster be invited back into the director’s chair for the second (and presumably third) installment?

If the ‘World War Z’ sequel can be as entertaining as the film currently in theaters, I eagerly anticipate what other stories Brooks’ novel and Brad Pitt have to share with us.



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