In Theaters Friday June 28

Friday, June 28 brings a little bit of everything that should please any movie fan.

In Theaters Friday June 28:from the action of ‘White House Down’ and the female buddy cop picture ‘The Heat’ to ‘Interview with the Vampire’ director Neil Jordan’s return to glamorous bloodsuckers…there’s something for everyone for the weekend of June 28-30. 

‘The Heat’ premiered June 25 in New York. Bullock’s uptight FBI Agent teamed up with McCarthy’s salty Boston cop has already received my vote for one of the funniest trailers this summer. Let’s hope the movie itself is just as good.

Friday June 28 also brings the newest Jason Statham flick and Pedro Almodovar’s latest international hit.


‘White House Down’

In Theaters Friday June 28

©Columbia Pictures

Channing Tatum plays D.C. cop John Cale, who has just been denied his dream job of becoming a Secret Service Agent. When taking his daughter on a tour of the White House to deliver the bad news, 1600 Pennsylvania is overtaken by a group of terrorists.

In order to save President James Sawyer (Jamie Foxx) and his daughter, Cale will need a little help from the POTUS to thwart the bad guys.

Yes, thematically ‘WHD’ sounds very similar to the Gerard Butler ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ from earlier this year. With Roland Emmerich (Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow) in the director’s chair, expect less self-seriousness and tons of explosions.

Place your brain in park and check it out. Emmerich’s track record has been solid over the last twenty years in delivering crowd-pleasing action films.

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‘The Heat’

In Theaters Friday June 28


Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy team up in this comedy that pairs the two as mismatched law enforcement agents who join forces to stop a ruthless drug lord.

There’s nothing new about the premise of mismatched cop buddy films. However, with director Paul Feig (Bridesmaids) and the comedic duo of Bullock and McCarthy, ‘The Heat’ is sure to perform well at the box office.

It may not knock ‘Monsters University’ from the top spot, but will definitely be the top new film.

After two weeks of darker movies in ‘World War Z’ and ‘Man of Steel’ prior to that, I’m betting that audiences go out in droves for a good laugh this weekend.

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In Theaters Friday June 28

©IFC Midnight

Neil Jordan, best known to audiences for directing ‘The Crying Game’ and ‘Interview with the Vampire,’ returns to darker themes with this family vampire tale.

Gemma Arterton (Quantum of Solace) and Saoirse Ronan (The Host) star as a mother and daughter whose pasts threaten to catch up with them both when new romantic entanglements arise.

Will their hundreds of years of murderous deeds finally be revealed? Gosh, let’s hope so!

Neil Jordan specializes in atmospheric storytelling and ‘Byzantium’ is his most high-profile release since 2007 with Jodie Foster’s ‘The Brave One.’

If you enjoy lavish, atmospheric visuals with your vampire drama…seek out ‘Byzantium’ and enjoy Jordan’s unique style on the big screen.

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In Theaters Friday June 28


Jason Statham might very well be the hardest working action star in movies today. ‘Redemption’ is Statham’s tenth film released in just over three years.

Returning from the war in Afghanistan, ex-Special Forces soldier Joey who is trying to rehabilitate his broken life. As Joey begins to put the pieces back together, his girlfriend is murdered by a local crime lord.

If you’ve ever seen a movie with Jason Statham in it before…you know what happens next.

A lot of fisticuffs, an explosion or two, and hopefully some ‘Redemption’ for Statham’s troubled Joey.

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‘I’m So excited’

In Theaters Friday June 28


Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas make up part of the cast in Pedro Almodovar’s latest comedy. When a malfunction on an airplane threatens the lives of its passengers, the strangers avoid the seriousness of their plight by sharing sensational confessions.

Almodovar is known for sexy, stylish, boundary-pushing comedy. Actors Cruz and Banderas would probably have remained unknown Spanish actors if not for the popularity of his films internationally.

Almodovar creates controversy with his depictions of sexuality, humor, and the human condition because his films challenge convention and can come as a shock to some audiences.

He is also considered to be the most influential Spanish film director since Luis Bunuel, the “Father of Cinematic Surrealism.”

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