'The Wolverine'

‘The Wolverine’ starring Hugh Jackman as the most popular of all “X-Men” has released new features from Marvel and 20th Century Fox.

As we approach the July 26 release date of this standalone tale of redemption and mortality, the marketing for the film ramps up with new and exciting features to get you up to speed on Jackman’s sixth embodiment of “Logan”, the immortal mercenary and occasional “X-Man” with the snarling attitude and adamantium claws.

Below is the new featurette, followed by clips from ‘The Wolverine’ from the “funeral scene” and the film’s official trailer.

Below is an extended clip from the “train fight” scene.

Courtesy of Yahoo! Movies, below is a look at the “funeral scene” from ‘The Wolverine’


And last, but not least, is the Official Trailer from director James Mangold (Walk the Line) for the highly anticipated July 26 release of ‘The Wolverine’ from Fox and Marvel.


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