Flixnerd Rant: Pacific Rim

Flixnerd Rant: Pacific Rim isn’t about the movie (which was amazing!) but about you, the movie goer and audience tastes in cinema.

‘Pacific Rim’ opened on Friday July 12 to positive reviews and riding an impressive advertising campaign designed to get you into the theater this past weekend. The film boasts incredible effects work, interesting characters, strong acting performances, and action aplenty.

Why the Flixnerd Rant?

‘Despicable Me 2’ and ‘Grown Ups 2’ beat ‘Pacific Rim’ at the box office, where ‘PacRim’ placed third in overall domestic ticket sales.

The family themed ‘Despicable Me 2’ is on pace to outperform even ‘Man of Steel’ at the box office this summer. ‘Despicable Me 2’ is a huge hit and well-made family movies are important.

However, for the Adam Sandler vehicle ‘Grown Ups 2’ to beat ‘Pacific Rim’ at the box office is shameful. For the low-brow “dick and fart joke” cash grab sequel to be of more interest to audiences is surprising and frightening.

It is surprising because I often hear people lamenting the fact that there aren’t any good movies playing. There are and ‘Pacific Rim’ is the most recent.

The success of ‘Grown Ups 2’ is frightening due to the fact that it signals to movie studios that expensive, creative visions such as ‘Pacific Rim’ aren’t as commercially viable as cheap product such as Sandler’s latest.

Genre fans and Flixnerds…the blame rests squarely upon us.

When a big budget genre (sci-fi, fantasy, action, or horror) film is released in theaters it is because the movie executives that shape our viewing options believed that the film would be satisfying an audience need.

If we, as fans of genre film, neglect to make the film a hit then there is no need to make more of them. Film executives are in the profit business first; the entertainment business second.

Audiences have been showered with some excellent “brand name” genre films this summer, for certain. From ‘Iron Man 3,’ to ‘Star Trek: Into Darkness,’ ‘Man of Steel,’ and ‘World War Z,’ 2013 has truly been a banner year for genre films. The box office success of these films was somewhat guaranteed when those films were “greenlit” for production.

‘Iron Man,’ ‘Star Trek,’ ‘Superman,’ and Brad Pitt are all proven “brand name” box office draws that fill multiplexes.

Films like Guillermo del Toro’s ‘Pacific Rim’ are something more rare. A big budgeted original vision without any household name movie stars is unique in the film business. The story and the concept are the allure. And it’s a gamble for the studios.

So, if ‘Pacific Rim’ isn’t your “cup of tea,” this rant may not apply to you. Not everyone shares the same tastes.

The Flixnerd Rant is directed towards the people who claim to be “hardcore genre fans” yet played it safe this past weekend and didn’t attend ‘Pacific Rim.’ True genre fans know their own “brands.” Proven genre directors (like del Toro), interesting concepts, and the talent involved decide what films interest me.

If we want more well-made, lavishly produced, and “outside of the box” genre films to be created then we must show our support for the ones that do get made. If we don’t support them, epic genre films will become more and more scarce.

This is your call to action, Flixnerds and genre fans! Read our review of ‘Pacific Rim’ and share it on Facebook, Google+, via email, or carrier pigeon with your like-minded friends and family. Support this movie!

(Unless you really, really want to see nothing more than dick and fart jokes at your local theater.)

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