New on DVD July16

New on DVD July 16: an intense remake of a horror classic and a biopic of a baseball legend headline this weeks new releases.

One of 2013’s surprise hits is new on DVD with the Jackie Robinson biopic ’42’ starring Harrison Ford and Chadwick Boseman as Robinson.

New on DVD July 16


Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in professional baseball when he was signed by the then Brooklyn Dodgers in 1946. Harrison Ford portrays Branch Rickey, a dodgers executive who sees the potential for greatness in Jackie Robinson’s abilities.

’42’ was a hit with audiences upon its release in April of 2013. The film scored an “A” with Cinemascore-polled movie goers in a film that shows the struggles that Robinson had to overcome, both professionally and personally, to pave the way for today’s pro athletes.

’42’ is available on DVD and via iTunes, and on Amazon Instant: click on link below.
42 (with Bonus Features)


Also new on DVD July 16 is the remake of the cult horror classic, ‘Evil Dead.’

New on DVD July 16


‘Evil Dead’ holds up well compared against the original, as it is more of a re-telling than a straight away remake. There are some references to the original film, but fans of the 1981 indie horror classic will be entertained.

This is a violent, squirm-inducing, blood soaked fright fest. You have been warned.

Upon the theatrical release, Flixnerd reviewed the ‘Evil Dead’ and tagged it “The scariest horror movie in years.”

Unrelenting in its intensity and tension, if you loved the original film I highly recommend the 2013 ‘Evil Dead’ new on DVD.

‘Evil Dead’ is new on DVD, iTunes, Amazon Instant Evil Dead (2013)

Links to Instant streaming for the original Sam Raimi-Bruce Campbell trilogy can be found below. Enjoy!

Redbox Instant by Verizon

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