Comic Con 2013

Comic Con 2013 in San Diego starts Thursday, July 18.
What is Comic Con? In short, Comic Con 2013 is Nerdvana!

What began in earnest in 1970 as a comic book convention has grown into the premiere destination for fans to interact with celebrities and get exclusive peeks at upcoming entertainment in film and television.

Fans make the annual pilgrimage to Comic Con to meet their idols from the worlds of comics, movies, and TV and to attend panels (presentations) highlighting new and buzz-worthy projects.

What the Super Bowl is to sports fans, Comic Con is to genre entertainment aficionados. It’s that big. Maybe bigger.

Unlike the Super Bowl, Comic Con fans response to new movies and TV showcased there can have an impact on the success of those films, books, and shows.

Comic Con helped to launch one of the most successful movie franchises of all time. Have you ever heard of ‘Iron Man’ or ‘The Avengers’? Of course you have.

Before the original ‘Iron Man’ debuted in theaters, exclusive footage was screened for attendees at Comic Con in 2007, nearly one year before the film was released in 2008.

The buzz from Comic Con was so positive and strong, that word on how cool ‘Iron Man’ was going to be instantly spread virally amongst film fans and entertainment outlets. When the film was finally released, the exposure from Comic Con practically guaranteed that it would be a success.

‘Iron Man’ spawned two subsequent sequels and ‘The Avengers’ not to mention ‘Thor’ ‘Captain America’ franchises. ‘Iron Man 3’ and ‘The Avengers’ are two of the top five grossing films of all time.

Comic Con is powerful stuff.

What can you expect from Comic Con 2013?

Exclusive scoops and major announcements on film and television projects that appeal to genre fans. Oh, and hundreds of those fans decked out in very detailed costumes honoring their favorite movies and TV shows.

What can you expect from Flixnerd during Comic Con?

We’ll keep you up to speed on all of the breaking news and Nerdtastic announcements from Comic Con, which runs Thursday July 18 through Sunday July 21.

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