Review: 'The World's End'

‘The World’s End’ is the final installment in the “Three Flavors Cornetto” trilogy which began with ‘Shaun of the Dead’ and offered ‘Hot Fuzz’ as its other flavor. ‘The World’s End’ starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost opened Friday, August 23 nationwide. Continue reading

'Elysium' Review

‘Elysium,’ the new science fiction movie starring Matt Damon, is equal parts triumph and disappointment.

Commingled with a startlingly grimy vision of our future world are a simplistic sociopolitical commentary and a few truly surprising creative choices that undermine the lofty ambitions of ‘Elysium.’

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Iron Man : Mark Wahlberg to replace RDJ?

Snarky superhero Tony Stark/Iron Man pings the Flixnerd radar with two intriguing stories this week.

Mark Wahlberg, during his press junket for his new film ‘2 Guns,’ indicated that he would like to portray a certain superhero on movie screens in the future. Namely, Iron Man. Continue reading