Early summer hits now streaming

Summer 2013 delivered three early hits spanning the Sci-Fi, Romance, and Action Comedy genres that are now streaming and can be enjoyed in your home.

Flixnerd is providing links to each film to allow for easy ordering right from this article.

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Summer officially kicked off in 2013 with Tom Cruise in the gorgeous, mind-warping Sci-Fi flick ‘Oblivion.’ Long on style, if slight on originality, ‘Oblivion’ stood tall with audiences looking for escapist science fiction action.

Early summer hits now streaming


Director Joseph (TRON: Legacy) Kosinsky provided stunning visuals to the story of a drone repairman (Cruise) assigned to maintain a future Earth’s security after an alien war has left the planet devoid of human life.

Read the Flixnerd full review by clicking here before streaming ‘Oblivion’ at home. ‘Oblivion’ on iTunes


The Great Gatsby

Early summer hits now streaming


‘The Great Gatsby’ was an unusually dramatic and mature release for summer audiences. Devoid of the typical summer pyrotechnics, Leonardo Di Caprio and Carrie Mulligan’s ill-fated love affair offered the promise of stylishly romantic fireworks instead.

Director Baz Luhrmann has a solid track record here. Star-crossed lovers longing stylishly is what Luhrmann does best. From ‘Romeo+Juliet’ to ‘Moulin Rouge’ the Aussie director’s choice to adapt an American literary classic had me intrigued.

Click here to read the Flixnerd review of ‘The Great Gatsby,’ now streaming on iTunes. Definitely worth a look if you missed the film in theaters.

‘The Great Gatsby’ on iTunes


Pain & Gain

One of Flixnerd’s favorite movies this summer, ‘Pain & Gain’ is now streaming on iTunes.

Director Michael Bay, of ‘Transformers’ infamy, gave audiences an original crime caper movie that defines “black comedy.” When three muscle-headed goons decide to kidnap a wealthy business man to get rich quick, their half-assed plan quickly and violently spins out of control.

Early summer hits now streaming


Mark Wahlberg shows off his versatility again here, but Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s comedic skills were a revelation for this reviewer.

If you have a sense of humor that trends toward the absurdist, bleak, or “gallows humor” then you are in for an hilariously sadistic treat.

Read our review by clicking here, as this Mark Wahlberg-Dwayne Johnson flick is not for all tastes. Our full review will provide you better insights into this beautifully twisted flick that some Flixnerds may not have the stomach for.

Now streaming on iTunes, ‘Pain and Gain’ is Flixnerd-Approved and streaming right into your living room.

‘Pain & Gain’ on iTunes


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