Iron Man : Mark Wahlberg to replace RDJ?

Snarky superhero Tony Stark/Iron Man pings the Flixnerd radar with two intriguing stories this week.

Mark Wahlberg, during his press junket for his new film ‘2 Guns,’ indicated that he would like to portray a certain superhero on movie screens in the future. Namely, Iron Man.

In an interview with Yahoo! Movies (UK & Ireland) Wahlberg was asked about which superhero he would have an interest in portraying, if any.

“I would like to take over the ‘Iron Man’ franchise for Robert Downey…” Wahlberg quipped, but don’t discount that the versatile actor maintains a genuine interest in the role.

Wahlberg’s “regular Joe” appeal and solid action flick credibility have made him potential “franchise bait” for several years. ‘Max Payne,’ Tim Burton’s ‘Planet of the Apes’ reboot, and even ‘The Italian Job’ have all been considered or conceived as franchise material for the popular actor.

In an interview earlier in 2013, Wahlberg revealed that he declined a role in director J.J. Abrams’ blockbuster reboot of the ‘Star Trek’ franchise.

Speaking of a conversation with Abrams, Wahlberg recalled “I remember him asking me to play Captain Kirk’s father in ‘Star Trek’…and I didn’t understand the words, the dialog or anything.”

“I said, ‘I can’t do this. I think you’re really talented ( to Abrams), but I couldn’t do it.”
(Source: HitFix)

With Mark Wahlberg headlining the next chapter in the cash-cow action franchise ‘Transformers’ series, it’s plain to see that the actor is still primed for a franchise film concept.

Wahlberg’s on-screen persona would lean towards the wise-cracking tough guys in either the DC or Marvel brands. He isn’t a good fit for either of them. The actors who fill those iconic comic hero roles in film are nearly inseparable from the character itself.

I see Wahlberg as more of a Jason Bourne-type franchise. If not for Chris Pine’s dusting off the Jack Ryan character in theaters this Christmas, that would have been a good fit, also.

Flixnerds, I view Mark Wahlberg’s statements as closer to “casually throwing his hat in the ring,” more than any credibly ‘Nerdtastic rumor. But, somewhere lurking in the Marvel or DC catalogs of characters, I’d be willing to wager that there exists a lesser-known comic tough guy that Mr. Wahlberg would be perfect for.

Our other ‘Iron Man’ news comes courtesy of Yahoo! Movies, who have released online some of the bonus features from Marvel/Disney’s upcoming DVD release of ‘Iron Man 3.’

Check out our review of ‘Iron Man 3’ by clicking here. If you haven’t seen the latest entry into the ‘Iron Man’ franchise, it is still available in very limited areas of the country.

Once you see RDJ in top form, as he is in ‘Iron Man 3,’ it is impossible to picture anyone else in the role. Sorry, Mr. Wahlberg, we still loved you in ‘Boogie Nights’ and ‘Pain and Gain,’ but you’ll just have to find your own superhero franchise. This one’s taken.

‘Iron Man 3’ on iTunes


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