Affleck is Batman.

According to Variety and confirmed via Twitter by Warner Bros., Ben Affleck will be the next Batman.

The news broke Thursday, August 22 in the evening hours.

So, let the uproar begin.

Affleck’s previous filmography included a mediocre attempt to bring comic hero ‘Daredevil’ to the big screen. But now cast as one of the most iconic superheroes of all time; expect a lot of debate on Affleck from fans as this story’s details develop.

Ben Affleck’s name wasn’t one being openly debated about in any recent articles about casting for ‘Man of Steel 2.’ Actors ranging from Josh Brolin, Joe Mangianello, and even Ryan Gosling had been mentioned in multiple articles which were all speculative.

There are rumors indicating that the sequel to Zack Snyder’s ‘Man of Steel’ might follow a storyline from Frank Miller’s graphic novel ‘Return of the Dark Knight.’

In Miller’s work, we find an aging Batman who comes out of retirement to fight escalating criminal activity. A well-intentioned mistake by Superman eventually brings the two heroes to a confrontation.

Before seeing ‘Argo,’ I would be one of the first people to criticize the casting of Affleck as Batman/Bruce Wayne. Until that Oscar-winning film, directed by and starring Affleck, I viewed him as the perpetually smirking wise-ass that he’s often played in his films.

‘Argo’ changed my mind about his talents as he has matured, so I’m going to keep an open mind here.

Hit me up with some comments and tell me what you think.

Affleck as Batman: good casting?
Why or why not? Back up your take on this with a sentence or two.

Stay tuned for more on Affleck as Batman from Flixnerd.

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