Movie Preview: 'Gravity'

‘Gravity,’ from acclaimed director Alfonso Cuaron, opens Friday October 4 nationwide. In many areas audiences will be able to see early Thursday showings for the film about astronauts surviving the unthinkable in space.

‘Gravity’ stars George Clooney and Sandra Bullock and is riding a substantial pre-release buzz after playing in film festivals around the world.
‘Gravity’ has been lauded for the lead performances but it’s the taut pacing and special effects that are wowing audiences.

Comparisons to such landmark visually driven films such as ‘2001,’ ‘Avatar,’ and ‘Star Wars’ have been frequent and poise ‘Gravity’ amongst stellar company for increasingly sophisticated audiences in terms of visual effects.

Cuaron firmly established himself with ‘Children of Men’ and its elaborate “one shot” scenes of orchestrated conflict. Notice how the scene below is one long take, not a series of edited shots.

What’s often overlooked by cinephiles is that Cuaron is equally adept at creating human, relatable characters with whom the movie-goer genuinely cares for.

‘Y Tu Mama También,’ and ‘Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban’ also showcase the director’s gift for blending impressive imagery with emotionally driven performances.

If there’s one film in theaters this weekend guaranteed to make a bow come Oscar Night, ‘Gravity’ is it.

The trailer alone left me claustrophobic, impressed, and breathless.

If the lines are long or performances are sold out, ‘Rush‘ is another big budget winner that won’t disappoint.

I expect to see Cuaron and ‘Rush’ director Ron Howard doing some serious hand wringing when the Best Achievement in Directing envelope is opened at this years Academy Awards telecast.

Cuaron’s ‘Children of Men‘ is available on iTunes (click title) and is “Flixnerd Recommended.”



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