Movie Review: 'The Conspiracy'

Finding a way to view ‘The Conspiracy’ seemed a little conspiratorial in itself. The film hit the Flixnerd Radar over one year ago, yet was nowhere to be found to actually watch.

With a little patience, and a lot of persistence, the Head Nerd here finally got ‘The Conspiracy’ tracked down.

The 2012 film from director Christopher MacBride is a documentary-style thriller.

Two aspiring filmmakers, Aaron (Aaron Poole) and Jim (James Gilbert), have been documenting “conspiracy nut/truth-sayer” Terrance.

Terrance is a local man who takes to the streets with a megaphone to expose the shadowy figures that actually run our government. Terrance, megaphone in hand, publicly decries our lack of freedoms at the hands of these unnamed powerful people.

Jim and Aaron seem to be simply going through the motions in their documentary project until a strange event changes everything.

When Terrance goes missing without a trace, ‘The Conspiracy’ changes from diverting “mock-doc” into a nifty independent conspiratorial thriller.

Consistently engaging, ‘The Conspiracy’ was worth my waiting.

Solid performances, an interesting premise, and an example of how the “mock-doc” or “found footage” type of movie can work well with the right talents involved.

If you’re a bit of a conspiracy enthusiast…’The Conspiracy’ is a must-see for you.

The Official Website for the film boasts a detailed additional look behind the film’s conspiratorial themes and inspirations. It’s definitely worth checking out after seeing this little-known, yet solidly entertaining film.

Flixnerd Rating: ★★★☆☆  Check it out!
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