'Thor' sequel hammers International box office

‘Thor: The Dark World’ opened strong in major international markets a week before it’s U.S. debut.

The sequel grossed $109 million in foreign markets and is sure to be the top draw for domestic audiences this weekend.

Chris Hemsworth reprises his role in a story which is a sequel to the 2011 original film, and also an extension of some of the events from ‘The Avengers.’

Just as ‘Iron Man 3’ rode the post-Avengers wave of success, ‘Thor: The Dark World’ seems poised to do the same. Credit the execs at Marvel, Disney, and Paramount for carefully orchestrating the comic hero films into the public consciousness.

The success of ‘Iron Man’ brought ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ and ‘Thor’ to audiences as standalone films focused on the origins of Marvel’s characters. When ‘The Avengers’ assembled for fans in 2012, we already knew and enjoyed the characters. The wraparound approach has, so far worked brilliantly. The first “post Avengers” installment, ‘Iron Man 3’, went on to record-breaking global box office success.

‘Thor: The Dark World’ is riding positive critical reviews into its November 8 debut. An 84% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes (composed of hundreds of film critics and reviewers) also bodes well for the new ‘Thor’ movie.

Is it Friday yet? ‘Thor: The Dark World’ looks good, Flixnerds!

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