Review Haiku: '2 Guns'

Now available on DVD, the 2013 action comedy ‘2 Guns’ is worth a look.

Just because the ‘Head Nerd’ here at Flixnerd isn’t short or sweet, doesn’t mean our reviews can’t be.

The Flixnerd “Review Haiku” for ‘2 Guns’:

“Wahlberg. Washington.
Solid action comedy.
Guns. Laughs. Babes. Booms. Wow!”

If you’re into graphic novels, ‘2 Guns’ is based on a Steven Grant-Mateus Santoluoco collaboration from BOOM! Studios.

Our friends at Iconoclast Books can hook you up with the Graphic Novel! Click the image to jump right to their order page for ‘2 Guns’ special edition.

Review Haiku: '2 Guns'



Be local. Buy local. Get your movie tie-ins (graphic novels, books, literary inspirations, and authors) from our friends at Iconoclast Books.

Tell them the “Flixnerd” sent ya!


Flixnerd Rating: ‘ 2 Guns’  ★★★☆☆

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