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Indulge Your Inner Movie Nerd


From the casual fan to the can’t-have-a-normal-conversation-without-talking-about-movies nerds… Flixnerd was borne of a genuine love for movies. Indulge your inner movie nerd here with us.

I’ve always been passionate about movies. From the ideas that inspire a film’s creation to the director’s final cut, everything about movies has captivated my imagination throughout my life.

I am (and I hope that you are too) a Flixnerd. And this site is for us.

Flixnerd will bring you Movie Reviews, Breaking Movie News, as well as some “Nerdtastic” articles and opinions that you won’t find anywhere else on the web.

And, on our Official Flixnerd Facebook Page, you can help shape the content of Flixnerd by voting on movie related questions using Pingstr.

Thank you for visiting. Hang out and read through the reviews and articles.

I’m not just a movie fan. I’m more than just a nerd. I’m a Flixnerd, baby!

And nerds are sexy.

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