Krasinski’s ‘A Quiet Place’ is anything but

John Krasinski, a “Director to Watch’ has crafted a solemn family drama with ‘A Quiet Place.’

‘A Quiet Place’ is an effective, although flawed, masterpiece of tension and suspense.

The year is 2020 plus, and we’ve been overrun by scary beasties who kill upon our every sound made.

How would you interact with your family if any noise could be your end?

Rumored, at one point, to be a Cloverfield ‘imprint’, “A Quiet Place ‘ succeeds and fails upon it’s own merits.

Plenty of tension throughout, this flick delivers the scary goods!

Krasinski wrote and directed this little horror gem without a franchise in mind.

The story is good. Despite numerous plot-point-holes.

The acting is “top notch ” even though there are huge holes in the story for logical viewers.

Overall a fun experience!

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George A Romero and Martin Landau

George A. Romero and Martin Landau this weekend?Great film director and character actor, respectfully.

Romero invented the Western Zombie Film in 1968 with ‘Night of the Living Dead,’ which was more social commentary than horror film.

Race relations, xenophobia, and a commentary on the Vietnam War build-up lent Romero to lens a frightening, role-reversing, quotable classic.

“They’re coming to get you, Barbara.”
Romero followed this seminal horror classic with genre cult faves ‘Dawn of the Dead,’ ‘Martin,’ ‘Knightriders,’ etc to create genre entertainment that had social subtext.
Martin Landau, Oscar for his portrayal of Bela Lugosi in Tim Burton’s ‘Ed Wood’ was a television staple and masterful character actor best known for roles on TV’s ‘Space 1999,’ and later, the TV series ‘Mission:Impossible’

Genre fans…a moment of recognition, please.
Remember today that there would be no “GAME OF THRONES,” or “THE WALKING DEAD” without George A Romero.

No Whitewalkers, no “Slow Walkers.”

Bow, Flixnerds.

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‘Alien:Covenant’ Flixnerd Review

Sure to please and divide fans of the ‘Alien’ franchise, ‘Alien:Covenant ‘ is a welcome entry into the Ridley Scott canon of ‘Alien’ films.

Forsaking the many sequels to the 1979 groundbreaking original scare fest, ‘Covenant’ serves as a thoughtful bridge between ‘Prometheus’ and the first ‘Alien’ film created.

Take note that ‘Prometheus’ is a prequel to ‘Alien,’ but that ‘Covenant’ picks up ten years after David and Dr. Elizabeth Shaw escaped the crew of the Prometheus’ fate.

So, post- ‘Prometheus,’ but still pre-‘Alien.’

For fans of the entire series of films, ‘Covenant’ fits the mold of the scary, xenomorph-on-a-rampage bloody shocker that first terrified genre fans with 1979’s first entry, ‘Alien,’ and which director James Cameron morphed into one of the best action sci-fi movies ever made, ‘Aliens.’

But it also serves as a divide between what are very Ridley Scott films (lush visuals, existential pontification, and grand scale) versus those of the directors that helmed ‘Aliens,’ ‘Alien3,’ and ‘Alien Resurrection.’

We Flixnerds love you, David (Alien3) Fincher; “Fight Club,” “Zodiac,” “Se7en,” but killing Ripley? (Still a better film than ‘Resurrection’ by miles.)

Let’s all just agree now that the ‘AVP’ entries were hot garbage. Neither fits into the mythos storytelling nor shares much thematically, save for inclusion of the ‘Weyland Corp.’ Just video-game-based cash grabs, both.

In ‘Covenant’ Michael Fassbender returns as both ‘David,’ the Weyland Corporation’s prodigal synthetic Son, and as ‘Walter’, the latest model of their invention.

‘Walter’ is a member of the crew of the Covenant, whose mission is to colonize a distant planet, presumably due to dwindling sustainability of life on Earth in the future.

While en route, another possible life-sustaining planet is discovered. And is much closer.

Fateful decisions are made. Let the sci-fi scares and story unfold!

Beautifully lensed, well-acted, and smart…’Alien:Covenant’ is scary, bloody, and satisfying!

Sidebar: If you can attend a Dolby Atmos showing, its highly recommended! The sound is cutting-edge and amazing.

There’s a lot to love about and ideas to ponder afterward with ‘Alien:Covenant.’

And ‘Covenant,’ by itself is a beautiful, scary, blood-spattered ride. Tons of scares, beautiful cinematography, and knowing winks to fans of the franchise.

The Flixnerd recommends watching ‘Alien:Covenant:The Last Supper’ both before viewing the film…and afterwards. (The link is below.)

‘Alien:Covenant ‘ prologue and trailer.

All in all?

4/5 Stars!

Fassbender, McBride, Waterston, and genius director Ridley Scott really kill it!

Must see for Flixnerds!

Bill Paxton

On the eve of the Academy Awards, a sad note, as popular character actor Bill Paxton passed away from complications after heart surgery at the age of 61.

Often a role player in his films, yet unmistakeable and talented in larger roles such as ‘Twister,’ ‘A Simple Plan,’ ‘One False Move,’ and ‘Frailty,’ Paxton embodied the familiar Everyman with grace and Texas charm.

‘Frailty,’ Paxton’s criminally underseen directorial effort, showcased an artist of many talents.

Mr. Paxton, thank you for the numerous cinematic moments and memories.

You will be missed. Condolences to family and friends of this uniquely talented and wonderfully familiar ‘Movie Guy.’

Bill Paxton homage.

The Head Nerd mourns your unexpected early passing.

Movie Review: ‘Iron Man 3’ deftly mixes humor and heroics


After saving the world in ‘The Avengers,’ Tony Stark and Iron Man are back in ‘Iron Man 3.’

Opening nationwide May 3, ‘Iron Man 3’ serves notice to movie fans that summer blockbuster season is officially here.

The marketing campaign for the film has been inescapable. The trailers have given us a glimpse into a darker third chapter in the franchise. And yet, the film succeeds and proves to be a funny, satisfyingly entertaining summer movie in complete contrast to its media posturing.

This isn’t ‘The Dark Knight,’ movie fans. It’s ‘Iron Man,’ and it is clever, funny, exciting and possesses a fun and colorful spirit. Robert Downey Jr., as Tony Stark/Iron Man, once again proves that because of his measurable charm and talents that a comic book movie can be a whole lot of fun.

We find Tony Stark after the “Battle for New York” that took place in ‘The Avengers.’ It seems that saving the planet and nearly dying himself in the process has left him with some issues.

Tony doesn’t sleep much these days and has distanced himself from people via a self-imposed exile wherein he prefers to simply “tinker” with his array of superhero toys. When a villainous character known as “The Mandarin” announces his evil presence on the world, our flawed (and very human) superhero is forced into action.

To say more about the storyline might spoil the fun.

Director Shane Black (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) has gotten the most out of his cast here. Franchise regulars Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, and Jon Favreau have all returned. Ben Kingsley (The Mandarin) and Guy Pearce (Aldrich Killian) are the antagonists this time around, and both actors are terrific in their roles.

‘Iron Man 3’ is tonally what a comic book movie should be. It is colorful, loud, witty, and has some fantastic action sequences. What separates ‘Iron Man 3’ from other films in this franchise is that the characters seem more complete, more life-like and real. That distinction is a huge advantage over other superhero franchises which have focused on self-seriousness and the heavy burden of being a hero.

‘Iron Man 3’ is a refreshing, engaging, superhero blast of fun from start to finish.

Familiar to many Marvel fans since the first ‘Iron Man’ film in 2008, this film also has a bonus scene following the end credits.