Baskin. Nightmarish Turkish Horror.

Every once in a while, I stumble upon images that haunt. That defy.

Baskin Trailer
“Baskin” is a Turkish feature that, although it’s not treading any new plot lines horror film story-wise, manages to unnerve and disturb with imagery straight out of  Dante Algheiri himself.

Turkish cops, who are morally ambiguous, seem to enter into a hellish ritual to which the sons of Clive Barker and Rod Serling would have felt right at home with.

If I could “wash my brain” of the garishly designed set pieces and scenes that unfold…I would gladly do so.

See “Baskin” at your own risk. It’s on Netflix, Vudu.

Not for the weak of heart. A vision of Hell itself that inspires interest in, and trepidation of, what twisted vision might next await these low-budget horror maestros moving forward.

“Baskin” unnerves. 4/5 Skulls

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