‘Alien:Covenant’ Flixnerd Review

Sure to please and divide fans of the ‘Alien’ franchise, ‘Alien:Covenant ‘ is a welcome entry into the Ridley Scott canon of ‘Alien’ films.

Forsaking the many sequels to the 1979 groundbreaking original scare fest, ‘Covenant’ serves as a thoughtful bridge between ‘Prometheus’ and the first ‘Alien’ film created.

Take note that ‘Prometheus’ is a prequel to ‘Alien,’ but that ‘Covenant’ picks up ten years after David and Dr. Elizabeth Shaw escaped the crew of the Prometheus’ fate.

So, post- ‘Prometheus,’ but still pre-‘Alien.’

For fans of the entire series of films, ‘Covenant’ fits the mold of the scary, xenomorph-on-a-rampage bloody shocker that first terrified genre fans with 1979’s first entry, ‘Alien,’ and which director James Cameron morphed into one of the best action sci-fi movies ever made, ‘Aliens.’

But it also serves as a divide between what are very Ridley Scott films (lush visuals, existential pontification, and grand scale) versus those of the directors that helmed ‘Aliens,’ ‘Alien3,’ and ‘Alien Resurrection.’

We Flixnerds love you, David (Alien3) Fincher; “Fight Club,” “Zodiac,” “Se7en,” but killing Ripley? (Still a better film than ‘Resurrection’ by miles.)

Let’s all just agree now that the ‘AVP’ entries were hot garbage. Neither fits into the mythos storytelling nor shares much thematically, save for inclusion of the ‘Weyland Corp.’ Just video-game-based cash grabs, both.

In ‘Covenant’ Michael Fassbender returns as both ‘David,’ the Weyland Corporation’s prodigal synthetic Son, and as ‘Walter’, the latest model of their invention.

‘Walter’ is a member of the crew of the Covenant, whose mission is to colonize a distant planet, presumably due to dwindling sustainability of life on Earth in the future.

While en route, another possible life-sustaining planet is discovered. And is much closer.

Fateful decisions are made. Let the sci-fi scares and story unfold!

Beautifully lensed, well-acted, and smart…’Alien:Covenant’ is scary, bloody, and satisfying!

Sidebar: If you can attend a Dolby Atmos showing, its highly recommended! The sound is cutting-edge and amazing.

There’s a lot to love about and ideas to ponder afterward with ‘Alien:Covenant.’

And ‘Covenant,’ by itself is a beautiful, scary, blood-spattered ride. Tons of scares, beautiful cinematography, and knowing winks to fans of the franchise.

The Flixnerd recommends watching ‘Alien:Covenant:The Last Supper’ both before viewing the film…and afterwards. (The link is below.)

‘Alien:Covenant ‘ prologue and trailer.

All in all?

4/5 Stars!

Fassbender, McBride, Waterston, and genius director Ridley Scott really kill it!

Must see for Flixnerds!

Movie Review: 'Edge of Tomorrow'

First, let’s dispel the notion that ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ is some kind of ‘Groundhog Day’ meets ‘Aliens.’ Okay, I can see why you might think that.

‘Edge of Tomorrow’ actually is the best piece of cinematic Action Sci-Fi since ‘Looper.’ Continue reading

'Star Trek 3' phasing into new direction

With J.J. Abrams busy refreshing the ‘Star Wars’ franchise, his other Sci-Fi project explores for a director to helm ‘Star Trek 3.’

Joe Cornish, who directed the well-received, yet scarcely seen ‘Attack the Block’ seems to be the current front-runner for the job. (Source: The Wrap)

‘Star Trek 3’ is expected to return all of its principal talent, both on-camera and behind the scenes. The notable exception is Abrams, who will produce under his Bad Robot company in conjunction with Skydance Productions. Abrams previously directed both ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Star Trek: Into Darkness’ into both popular and critical successes.

With Abrams officially taking over screenwriting duties for ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ along with ‘Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back’ scribe Lawrence Kasdan, the move to find a new director for ‘Star Trek 3′ isn’t unexpected.

The choice of Cornish as Abrams’ possible successor may be.

‘Attack the Block’ is a 2011 UK film that chronicles an alien invasion that a South London group of young thugs attempt to thwart. ‘Inner City vs. Outer Space,’ as its tagline, the film crossed the $1 million mark in U.S. ticket sales.

The film was hailed by critics as a fresh take on the alien invasion genre, with much of that credit going to director Cornish.

‘Attack the Block’ received a 90% positive (Fresh) score from Rotten Tomatoes and was hailed by Harry Knowles of Ain’t it Cool as, “One of the great anti-hero character arcs in modern movie history. So great.”

So, Cornish is a director who deftly combines: humor, action, genre elements, Sci-Fi, and non-traditional heroic characters? Sounds like the foundation for a ‘Trek’ movie.

Flixnerd will keep you updated.

Deadline first broke Paramount’s interest in Cornish, whose most recent known project is co-writer for Marvel’s ‘Ant-Man’ feature for director Edgar Wright.

‘Star Trek 3’ is scheduled tentatively to begin shooting in 2014.

‘Attack the Block’ is currently available via streaming on iTunes and on Netflix DVD.


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